Translation example

  • A wide range of health and safety procedures and accident reports for a heavy engineering company
  • Analytical procedures (mycotoxins in animal fodder; antibiotics in meat)
  • Tube manufacturing course materials
  • Safety instructions for a TV studio
  • Brochures and web text for professional and consumer AV equipment
  • Expert witness report on foundation engineering
  • Expert witness report on processed cheese
  • Building services engineering inspection report
  • A fire safety inspection report
  • Process engineering course materials
  • Patents and claims in areas such as digital printing, data processing, thermal management, etc.
  • Specifications for the refurbishment of a historic building
  • Plan of work for a construction project
  • Operating instructions for a disrupter
  • Operating manual for a distributed dimming system
  • Technical report on natural gas storage in caverns
  • Report on a bored tunnel
  • Production manuals for food supplements
  • Reports on the restoration of easel paintings and photographic prints.
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